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Demo Reel Breakdown

Oil Refinery Flare Visual Effect
Project for a visual effects class. Created entirely in Houdini.

Amiens Cathedral
A sequence from my senior project recreating the Cathedral in Amiens, France in CG. Modeled in primarily in Houdini with supporting objects created in Sculptris and Maya. Shaded and rendered with image planes in Houdini. Composited in Nuke.

Water Visual Effect
Personal project simulating water falling down stairs. Created and rendered in Houdini, composited in Nuke.

Cathedral Candle
An asset created for a current project. Iron candle holder and candle modeled in Houdini and converted to a VDB volume and then back to a polygon soup. This was done to create the smooth edges and corners and irregularities found in handmade objects and the softness inherent in candle wax. Shading and flame simulations also created in Houdini.

CG Object Insertion
Another project for the shader programming class where the object of the assignment was to take a photograph and insert a CG element that blends in perfectly. The robot model was created in Maya, brought into Houdini and shaded both procedurally and with painted textures from Photoshop. Final composite was completed in Photoshop.

Project for a shader programming class. Initial berry models were simple spheres, the pods on the berries were also created procedurally in Houdini. To demonstrate the level of complexity brought by the procedural shader, below is an image showing the level of detail in the raspberry models used.

Satellite Visualization for BYU Compliant Mechanisms Research
Project for BYU Compliant Mechanisms Research. In this animation I needed to demonstrate how a unique and innovative design for a solar array on a satellite could facilitate efficient and reliable deployment in space. Shaded, modeled, rigged and animated in Maya.

Still Life
Individual class project - Modeled the Shakespeare bust in Mudbox, the rest of the environment in Maya. Shaded all items in Maya (using Photoshop for painting texture maps).

Sonnet 18 Animation
Segment from a personal project animating Shakespeare's 18th sonnet. Art created in Adobe Illustrator and composited and animated in After Effects.

Shakespeare Illuminated
A personal project illustrating a selection of Shakespeare plays in an illuminated manuscript style similar to the Book of Kells. Art created in Illustrator and painted and textured in Photoshop.

An assortment of drawings showing character designs and figure studies.

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